The Storm Chaser


The Storm Chaser is a labor-of-love short film project from writer/director Jack Pirie. The film follows storm-chasing legend Thomas Traversa as he embarks on a perilous journey in search of a mythical storm, the likes of which the world has never witnessed. A genre-blurring narrative/documentary about the profound encounters between humans and nature at its extremes.

In a world where everyone is competing for attention, it sometimes feels like everything we do must also be an act of self-promotion. Travelling across the globe just to capture a photo.. In extreme sports, athletes are often pushed to take increasing death-defying risks to get the best footage for their socials. A video clip could be the difference between landing that big sponsor, or disappearing into obscurity.

But Thomas Traversa is different. Having never held a major sponsor, he spends his time studying storms then chasing them across far-flung corners of the globe - often alone. For Thomas, riding in the eye of a storm isn’t about personal accomplishment, it’s a chance to experience nature in flow and at its most extreme, reconnecting with the natural rhythms of life.

Key to his deeply personal methodology is that he never takes unnecessary risks. He has an intuitive sense of whether it feels safe to go out on a given day - a sort of contract he makes with the natural environment - drawn out of humility and respect - and one he will never break. This is why he often rides solo, unburdened by the pressures or expectations of others, leaving him to focus on what brings him joy.

Written & Directed by Jack Pirie
Featuring Thomas Traversa
Produced by Lucy Benson-Brown

The Storm Chaser is currently on the Festival Formula 2023 Slate - with current selections at:
International Ocean Film Fest, NorthwestFest International Documentary Festival, Fastnet Cork, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Barnes Film Festival, Lisboa Film Festival & Woods Hole Film Festival & Indie Shorts (Academy Award Qualifying) - more to be announced soon.

A CMC MARKETS production with CROWN & CO

Cinematography by Will Billany
Production Design by Simon Kuhn
Edited by Iain Whitewright
Original Music Composed by Alan Myson
Windsurfing Cinematography by Jamie Hancock
Sound Design and Mix by Mark Hills
Colourist - Toby Tomkins
Offline Executive Producer: Julian Marshall
Offline Facility: Tenthree
Audio Producer: Sadie Poole, Beth Massey
Audio Facility: Factory
Grade and Online Producer: Lisa Fox, Sarah Banks
Grade and Online Facility: Cheat
VO Recording Facility: NStudio Lisbon
VO Engineer: Hugo Romano Guimarães
VO Producer: Alex Hylands-White
VFX House: Primary VFX
VFX Supervisor: Joe Thornley-Heard
2D Supervisor: Steve Hawken
Lighting Supervisor: Jem Grimshaw
2D Lead: George Lewis
Compositing Artists: Sarah Godden, David Thomas
3D Lead: Lorinn McCaul
3D Animator: Mani Sandhu
3D Generalists: Laurie Cope, Amy Dolphin
VFX Production Assistant: Emily White
1st Assistant Camera: Lloyd Cook
Additional Windsurf Photography: Luke Raistrick
Jetski Driver & Stills: Pierre Bouras
Assistant Editor: Jules Bayer-Crier
London Production Assistant: Chloe Higginson
Asturias Fixer: Bea Sainz
Asturias Production Assistant: Susana Santamaria
Asturias Production Company: NeedAFixer
Production Insurance: Performance Film & Media

With thanks to Lawrence Stafford and Jack Bamber at Finisterre.
Special thanks to Thomas, Sophia, Lola and Pauline Traversa.